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Navigating the changes to the Citrus Tree Crop Insurance Provisions

The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) has made changes to the 2020 crop insurance provisions for citrus trees. These changes take effect on policies that close in 2019 for the 2020 crop protection.  Below are summaries of the changes with definitions and resources.

The policy is no longer pilot
Pilot policies are not able to have written agreements.  The citrus tree policy is now a full policy.  The removal of the pilot status allows for the change to late and prevented planting and written agreements so that written agreements are no longer restricted. 

The definition of “destroyed tree” has been updated
In section one, the definition of “destroyed tree” was clarified when the word “rehabilitation” was replaced with “reset”.   The new definition of “destroyed tree” is as follows:

Destroyed Tree-

  • For damage due to insured causes occurring during the year of set out, any insurable tree with no live wood above the bud union.
  • For damage due to insured causes occurring in any year following the year of set out, or for buckhorned or topworked trees, damage occurring either during the year the trees are topworked or buckhorned or any year thereafter, any insurable tree that:

    a. The tree is dead;
    b. The tree is toppled, and reset is not possible, or the tree is missing; or
    c. There is no live wood above the bud union;
    d. For insurance purposes, for citrus only, if there exists damage within one foot of the trunk for stage II trees;
    e. For insurance purposes for carambola only , if there exists damage within six inches of the trunk for stage I or II trees, or within one foot of the trunk for stage III trees.

A definition for “discernable boundary” was added.

The definition is as follows:

Discernable boundary – An identifiable physical land feature such as windbreak; private, public, or, field road; drainage ditch; stream; ravine; vegetative area (e.g., woods, wetland, grassland, etc.); or other similar physical feature.


Language was updated regarding “unit division”. 
This language modification is to provide more clarity on optional units.  The definition of unit division is as follows:

Unit Division-

A basic unit, as established in section 1 of the Basic Provisions, will be divided into additional basic units by each crop defined in section 1 of these Crop Provisions.

The provisions in section 34 of the Basic Provisions that allow for optional units by irrigated and non-irrigated practices are not applicable.

In lieu of sections 34(b)(1), (3), and (4) of the Basic Provisions, optional units are allowed only if each optional unit is:

a. Located on non-contiguous land;

b. A separate identifiable block of trees located on contiguous land that:

  • Contains the minimum number of acres of trees specified in the Special Provisions;
  • A block identifiable by a discernable boundary; and
  • Established in accordance with FCIC approved procedure.


The insurance period now starts 15 days sooner. 

Previously, the insurance period began coverage 45 days after the application date.  Now, coverage begins 30 days after the application date for the applicable crop year.

For more resources and information on the new citrus fruit crop insurance provisions, visit

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Certain limitations, conditions, and exclusions apply.  Please refer to the policy for more details. Subject to eligibility.

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