National Beef Month

With May designated as National Beef month, there's so much to celebrate!

May has arrived! The temperature is rising and summer is so close you can taste it, but here at Farm Credit we have another reason to celebrate. May is National Beef Month! That’s right, a whole month to celebrate one of Florida’s largest commodities. Beef Cattle are a vital commodity in our nation, with thousands of people who play an integral role in the industry.  The state of Florida is home to over 15,000 beef producers, 890,000 heads of cattle, and ranks 13th in the nation for overall cattle numbers, according to the Florida Beef Council.

While observing this month’s celebration, Farm Credit is dedicated to Florida’s cattlemen and women. More than a million American families depend on cattle for all or part of their income. You deserve a month dedicated to celebrating you.

  Be sure to enjoy some mouth watering Florida beef throughout this month. The Florida Beef Council website is home to a variety of Florida Beef recipes for any occasion.

To the farmers, ranchers and processors, we thank you for ensuring that quality beef products end up on the tables across the nation. Happy National Beef Month!


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