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FFA members learn financial concepts in Farm Credit Classroom

At the 91st Florida FFA Convention and Expo, Farm Credit supported and celebrated youth. 

During the event, we hosted several workshops focusing on financial concepts in our Farm Credit Classroom.  Our workshops included “Making Money on the Farm: What’s your net worth?”, “Financial Literacy for a Comprehensive Agriculture Program” and “Building Strong Credit.”  FFA advisors and students alike had the opportunity to learn through interactive sessions led by Farm Credit employees. 

In our Making Money on the Farm workshop, FFA members learned about balance sheets, liabilities, assets, and net worth.  After the presentation, students broke into commodity themed groups, each with a specific scenario that listed a fictional farm’s current financial standing and three viable options to choose from.  Students worked in teams to decide what option they would choose if it were their farm, while creating a balance sheet for the group’s farm.  After the groups made their plans, they shared their thoughts with the group. 

Our Financial Literacy for a Comprehensive Agriculture Program workshop geared towards advisors, shared thought-provoking ideas and offered continuing education unit (CEU) credits to attendees.

During our Building Strong Credit workshop, students learned about what credit is and what factors affect credit.  Students played a game where they determined if scenarios were good or bad for credit.  Afterwards, students filled the question and answer portion of the workshop with strong questions surrounding credit.  FFA members in this workshop were eager to learn more about credit as they approached the end of their junior and senior years of high school. 

Student sessions had average of 60 participants per workshop.  Active participants in each workshop received popular Farm Credit and FFA branded shirts and hats as a prize.

During each workshops, participants entered for a chance for their chapter to receive one of four $250 scholarships.  Four chapters won and were each awarded a $250 scholarship:

  1. Grand Ridge FFA in Jackson County
  2. Palatka FFA in Putnam County
  3. Dade City Middle FFA in Pasco County
  4. Nolan FFA in Manatee County

We look forward to seeing the next generation of agriculture excel and supporting them in their endeavors. 

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