Who Can Borrow

With more than $553 million in assets, Farm Credit of Central Florida has the ability to fund just about any rural project or funding need.  We serve many members who depend on us for the best financial services, advice and counsel regarding property in our region.

Farm Credit of Central Florida lends to farmers, ranchers, residents and businesses inside our territory provided the business is located in a rural area and designed to serve the needs of people in rural areas. 

Below are general guidelines for who can borrow per category of borrower. Please feel free to contact our loan officers to discuss your particular situation or if you have specific questions.


Farm Credit can lend money for the purchase, construction, improvement or refinancing of single family dwellings. You may also borrow for the purchase or refinancing of unimproved residential lots.

Full-Time Farmers

For individuals whose primary business (over 50 percent of assets and income) is the production of agricultural products, Farm Credit can lend for all agricultural and family needs, including non-agricultural needs. This could include, but is not limited to, automobiles and trucks, educational expenses, home improvements, vacation expenses, and much more.

Part-Time Farmers

For individuals who own agricultural land or produce agricultural products and whose income from agricultural products is less than 50 percent of their total income, Farm Credit can lend for all agricultural and family needs. Non-agricultural needs are limited relative to the agricultural income.

Young, Beginning & Small Farmers

Farm Credit of Central Florida has been financing farmers of all types for over 100 years. For many farmers, we were the first (and often the only) lender chosen as they began their farming operations. Many of these farmers have continued to use Farm Credit for all of their operating needs as their operations have become larger and more complex.

Our loan officers understand agriculture and the many difficulties involved in beginning a new farm operation, transferring an existing operation, or expanding into new commodities or territories. We are the agricultural experts!

If you qualify as a young, beginning or small farmer, Farm Credit is ready to help you. Our loan officers will be glad to review your situation and give you expert advice on the financial programs that may work best for you. We work closely with many government and farm organizations, including the FSA Guarantee Program to assist farmers in getting and staying in business.


Farm Credit can lend money to businesses which process and/or market agricultural products as long as more than 50 percent of the business is owned by farmers who provide at least some of the "throughput." Farm Credit can also lend money to businesses that provide services to farmers, such as crop spraying, seed cleaning, harvesting and more. The extent to which financing can be provided is based on the amount of the business's total income from farm-related services.

Our loan officers stand by ready to serve you. Contact us today and see how we can help.

What Is Agricultural Income?
  • Sale of agricultural products
  • Sale of livestock
  • Sale of aquatic products
  • Boarding of horses or other similar services
  • Cash farm rent and hunting and fishing rights
  • Sale of timber and timber growth
  • Poultry and swine contracts

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