Providing excellent customer service and offering a wide range of financial products to fit the needs of our member-borrowers are what sets us apart from other lending institutions. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our members have to say about Farm Credit.

Brantley Nurseries

"There’s been a history of us using Farm Credit through the years, and if it wasn’t around, I don’t think we would have survived the recession. Everyone at Farm Credit has always been very easy to work with, concerned about our needs, and if we do need to modify loans, they have always been very open to listening to how they can help. They’ve been a real asset to the company, and it’s been a great partnership. The personal relationships you develop with Farm Credit are fantastic. You can pick up the phone and say "we need you," and the service is always impeccable. Great people, super people to deal with." –Bill, John, and Dan Klinger, Brantley Nurseries

Website: brantleynurseries.com

Facebook: facebook.com/brantleynurseries

FernTrust, Inc.

"It’s nice working with people who understand agriculture and the cycles you have, and the needs that you have. Sometimes you need something quick, and Farm Credit always provides. I really can’t say enough good things about Farm Credit and what they’ve done for us. They’ve always been really fair about our rates, and all the loan officers we’ve had over the years, they’ve all been great. I’m just so thankful we have an organization like Farm Credit to help farmers and to understand them." – David Register, FernTrust, Inc.

Website: ferntrust.com

Facebook: facebook.com/ferntrustinc

EIP Citrus Management

"The trust and confidence they put in me will always be a reason I’m thankful for Farm Credit. Because of them, doors are being opened for hundreds of extra acres of citrus to be planted in 2017. I needed Farm Credit to understand my vision, my goals, and my plans. From the very beginning, Chris has been the most helpful, and Farm Credit has been very up front. All of the excitement my operation has created would not have happened if Farm Credit didn’t jump in and say "Hey, we believe in this guy."" –Ed Pines, EIP Citrus Management


Website: precisioncitrus.com

M & D Gator Products, Fagan Alligator Farm

"I found Farm Credit, and was referred to Thomas. We have become very good friends through this entire process, and he has done more than I ever anticipated. I have been tickled to death with Farm Credit ever since, and anyone I come into contact with that has any type of agricultural deal, I try to send them Farm Credit’s way. I would recommend them to anybody." –Mickey Fagan, Fagan Alligator Farm

Mathis Farms

"Farm Credit has made farming easy. They’ve been really great to work with, and I can’t say enough. I would definitely recommend them. There are other competitors out there, but there is no reason to leave. We’ve been treated too well." –Steve Mathis, Mathis Farms

Facebook: facebook.com/MathisFarms

Wish Farms

"Farm Credit sticks with agricultural operations through thick and thin, and they know the business. They understand the cycles of the produce industry, and that is one of the reasons we’ve been happy to stick with them and will continue to do so." –Gary Wishnatzki, Wish Farms

Website: wishfarms.com

Facebook: facebook.com/wishfarms

Astin Farms

"We’ve been with Farm Credit for 20 years, and I don’t have to worry about the next season, because I know the funds will always be there and on time. Jeff has done an outstanding job. Farm Credit financed out first project, and they have always been there to make the process easy, smooth, and straightforward. Extremely easy to deal with." –Sam Astin, Astin Farms

Website: astinfarms.com

Facebook: Astin Strawberry Exchange

Webb’s Honey

"I was familiar with Farm Credit, I’ve known people that worked for Farm Credit for years, and they’re good friends of mine. I ran into David and he managed to acquire the funds I needed for my operation, and it helped me out a lot. I was very happy with the projects I was able to complete with my loan from Farm Credit." –David Webb, Webb’s Honey

Website: webbshoney.com

Facebook: Webb’s Honey

Dewar Nurseries, Inc.

"My family has always done business with Farm Credit, never anyone else. Farm Credit is great, and the best thing about this company is that you understand the business. We all understand that we have to be responsible and perform on our side, and Farm Credit makes that part easy." –Bill Dewar, Dewar Nurseries

Website: dewarnurseries.com

Facebook: Dewar Nurseries, Inc.

Kempfer Cattle Company

"We felt comfortable borrowing from Farm Credit because they support our industry and know agriculture."
- Henry and George Kempfer, Kempfer Cattle Company

Adams Ranch

"Farm Credit understands our business and financing needs. They’re always friendly and easy to work with."
- Bud Adams, Rancher

Polkdale Farms

“Farm Credit is easy to deal with and knows the ag business.”
- Bill Braswell, Blueberry Farmer

Riverview Flower Farm

"When we decided to expand our operation, our commercial bank didn’t know enough about agriculture to help us. We couldn’t have made it without Farm Credit. They understand our operation."
- Rick & Dave Brown, Nurserymen

Batson's Greenhouse

"I’ve always received great rates from Farm Credit, but the Patronage Refund has always been an added bonus. It’s a treat to see my loan officer walk through my door with a check that I didn’t have to do anything to earn."
- Gene Batson, Nursery Owner

Elias and Lorena Gutierrez

"Farm Credit makes it simple to borrow money."
- Elias & Lorena Gutierrez, Strawberry and Vegetable Growers

The Farm Credit Advantage

Low rates, friendly service and the most knowledgeable staff around regarding rural lending - that's the Farm Credit advantage.

We are with you every step of the way throughout the lending process. From small tracts to large tracts, new construction to renovations, lot purchase to recreational properties – Farm Credit can do it all.

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