A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern

Get a glimpse of the marketing department here at Farm Credit with our intern.

I’m fairly convinced that if I started a survey and asked people to describe a typical intern, they would describe the stereotype deeply engraved in our minds.You know, the one that fetches lunch and coffee orders for everyone in the office. Thankfully, on October 23, 2017 I started working for a team of individuals that allow me to defeat this typical intern stereotype everyday.

My name is Lacee Richardson and I am the  marketing intern at Farm Credit of Central Florida. My interest in the agriculture industry started early in high school where I was extremely involved in the Florida FFA association. Through those experiences I knew I wanted to make agriculture a permanent aspect of my career. I went on to college where I continued to study agriculture and decided to seek a degree in agricultural communications. Most of my friends and family know how important establishing myself in this industry is. Prior to my start with Farm Credit a friend of mine told me there was an open position with the company and that they knew it was something I would be interested in. I applied immediately and I was hired a few weeks later.

Since then I’ve enjoyed every second of my day to day life as an intern. Most of my days begin bright and early and I arrive at around 8 AM. I start by logging into my email and checking for anything important. I grab a sticky note and jot down my objectives for the day and it all happens from there. In my position, there is rarely a “typical day. My responsibilities range from working with social media content, to writing articles for Farm Credit’s blog. Regardless of what my task is, I know it contributes greatly to the marketing team here at Farm Credit.

So far my favorite project has been working on what we call the “Content Calendar”. Social media plays a huge role when it comes to marketing. Social media helps our company communicate with peers, customers and potential borrowers. This calendar has helped me learn a lot about the vision of Farm Credit. The content calendar is a huge spreadsheet that contains every social media post from the entire year. It tells us what the post was about, what type of social networking site it was posted on, and how many engagements and impressions it received. This calendar is going to do so much for the marketing team moving forward into the next year. If we have an idea as to what type of post are considered successful and unsuccessful we will know exactly what type of content to produce in 2018.

Although I am still in the early days of my internship, I can already tell this job is going to contribute greatly to my future. Even if I choose not to pursue a career in marketing I am already learning professional skills that will help me in any field of work. Everyday I work towards becoming a better writer, planner, and communicator. Overall, I am most thankful that I work for a company who works towards the best interest of the agriculture industry, and the people in it.

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